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FAQ's and Pricing


     Our prices reflect the use of premium ingredients, from scratch baking practices and the hours we put into each cake. We do not purchase fillings or frostings, we do not use shortening or fillers in our cakes or frostings. Each cake is made to order so that it is at its peak for your celebration. Wedding cakes take a long time to make and we put out heart and soul into each one.


The following list is for wedding cakes. Celebration cakes are priced to order, please call the shop to discuss your requirements and ideas!


1.     Our basic pricing structure is $5.00 per person for buttercream wedding cakes and $6.00 per person for fondant, chocolate fondant, or marzipan wedding cakes. We don't charge extra for fresh fruit and our prices are the same regardless of the fillings you chose. These prices cover basic decor and piping on your cake. Any additional piecework is priced per cake. Royal icing or gumpaste flowers, monograms, and chocolate work all fall under this category.


2.    We charge for our tastings. Each tasting is prepared exclusively for you and your guests. We do not do group tastings with other clients and we do not make and freeze our tasting cakes. The time you book is exclusively yours. If you chose to book with Vermont Cake Studio the day of your tasting, the fee is waived. If you chose to book with us after the tasting a deposit of $150.00 is required to secure the date. This way our time and ingredient costs are covered and either way you get to take home some delicious cake!


3.    We charge $50.00 per delivery in Central Vermont and $75.00 for Southern Vermont and the Champlain Islands. If your destination is over an hour away the charge ranges from $75.00 to $150.00. Delivery includes the set up of your cake and communication with the caterer and event planner on site. We make sure all of the details are attended to, take a picture of your beautiful cake, and then scoot so the festivities can begin!


4.    We have a $250.00 minimum for wedding cakes. This is inclusive of delivery. For example if you are having a small 30 person wedding and wanted a fondant wedding cake and were getting married in Burlington your cake would cost $260.00. ($7.00 x 30 +$50.00). 


5.    We love to decorate with fresh flowers and have worked with just about every florist in Vermont over the years. Depending on the type of blooms and the arrangement you can plan on spending about $35.00 to $50.00 for cake flowers. Elaborate arrangements are priced separately. Regardless of the style you chose flower charges will show up on your florist bill.


6.    If you are working with a budget please let us know and we will do everything in our power to honor that budget. If the design you love is going to cost $1200.00 and your budget is $700.00 we will make suggestions on how to get the same "look" but please don't ask us to use cake dummies or sheet cakes. Keep in mind most of the time the cakes you are looking at in magazines and online are not real cakes and they still took hours and hours to make! There is a reason you hire Vermont Cake Studio to make your cake, it will be a delicious and unique work of art that you and your guests will be talking about it long after the last bite is gone! 



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