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   The Process


 Whether you have been planning your celebration for the last year and a half or for the last five minutes we are  here to help.  Because let's face it, nothing caps off a good party like cake! And we make some seriously delicious cake...

 We have put together a list of steps to help you with the planning process.



     1. Call and make an appointment


     2. Smile! You just made an appointment to go eat dessert with your fiancee. 


     3. Look over our menu's and pick two cakes you would like to try. Let us know what your decisions are.  Email is a great way

     to let us know your choices. 


     4. Bring any pictures, design ideas, color swatches, and an appetite to your tasting. We will chat about the look and

     feel of your wedding, go over design options, drink coffee, relax, and eat some cake. Many of our clients have expressed 

     that this is the best part about planning their wedding and we take that very seriously. You are meant to have a good time!


     5. Put down a deposit to reserve the day or pay a tasting fee. We will box up your leftovers (if there are any) and send you

     on your way. 


     6. A contract will be mailed to you detailing all of the decisions we made at the tasting and further payment requirements.

     Please sign one copy and send the other back to us.


     7. On the day of your event we will deliver and set up your cake, finishing any last minute design details onsite. An

     anniversary cake topper is provided as our gift to you. Happy Wedding! Save it for a year or eat it tonight after

     everyone has left.. we won't judge you, heck we won't even know, but we can guess...


     8. That is about it, more or less. We are used to the planning process with out of state clients so don't worry if you

     can't make it in to the studio. The technology isn't quite there yet to recreate our Lemon Mascarpone Cream and send  

     it through your monitor but we can come pretty close!


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